Monday, September 14, 2009

~Loving these~

I finished making my project for the tutorial I was going to post today but I have some bad news.  I was trolling etsy and came across the exact thing I was going to do a freebie for. I always check etsy and ebay to make sure I’m not going to cost anyone before I post a freebie.  Great minds think alike but I decided it wouldn’t be very nice of me at all to show you how to do the exact same thing for free when she’s trying to make a little moola.  So- I’ll still do a tutorial I just need to make another generic one and take new pictures.  I might even give it away since I’ll have two kind of. 

Anyway, while looking around I came across one of my favorite sellers~ Couvert ~ and thought I would show her off today.  You should see the genius of her skirts.  She’s amazing. I’ve never purchased from them and I don’t know them at all so I can’t vouch for their store but I love what they’ve got.  Here are my favorites-




Aren’t these pieces awesome?  I want my hips to shrink to a cute size so I can have some.  Anyone have a recipe for magic shrinking hips that doesn’t involve giving up sweets for breakfast?  I didn’t think so. 

She only makes adult clothing and I think these would be so cute for kids so I might have to pull out my fabric stash and see what I can whip up.  Maybe some Christmas skirts/dresses for the girls… the wheels are turning my friends.  Turning.

Have a great Monday!


  1. You should share with us some of the shops you found on etsy so those of us who aren't fabulous at making everything can help those people make some money.

    Those skirts are awesome. I can see why you love them, and must tempt us with them.

  2. ♥ I love that middle skirt! Very cute! :)

  3. You know, you could always share that tutorial via email with a select few of us that are dying to know what it is!!! Tee hee. . you know, more fuel for my procrastination fire!

  4. Those were my favorites too now that I had gone in to look.

  5. AMEN SCRAPPINFOR3!!! I NEED NEED to make that first skirt! I'm SO into vintage looking clothing, and I have GREAT material to make it! But need help! PLEASE PLEASE dont leave us hanging!
    I'm a new follower (via craft rookie)